Raise & transform your higher energy vibrations by experiencing Reiki today. Sarah Robinson, Reiki Practitioner, of The Bowerbird Collective offers In-person Reiki (London, UK) & Distance Reiki (Worldwide). This gentle, holistic complementary therapy clears energy blockages & is suitable for anyone & everyone.

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About Sarah

"A deep longing to live in the present,

       from my heart centre

 Unbound from past experiences,

      which no longer serve my purpose

 Free to be my true self

 Guided by my soul, my higher purpose

 Reiki found me…

      And it has found you too."


Light & gratitude, Sarah xoxo

Reiki Treaments :: In-person & Distance

“When everything & everyone is vibrating to its/their maximum potential, then life will cease to be a struggle, & we will experience the fullness of Who We Truly Are – Spirit having a physical experience.”

Mr Hiroshi Doi

:: My treatments ::


Reiki Session

Pre- & Post-

treatment consultation

45-minute Reiki treatment


Reiki Session

Pre- & Post-

treatment consultation

45-minute Reiki treatment

Reiki Workplace

Wellness Session

Pre- & Post-

treatment consultation

On-site drop-in


Reiki Package

3x Session Pre-paid

5x Session Pre-paid



Valid for 12-months


:: Our community shares from their heart ::

"Sarah is a dedicated and caring practitioner who delivers Reiki with a sensitivity and skill which is unique. I have noticed the difference it has made to my wellbeing and I would highly recommend her. Don’t worry if you are new to Reiki because she will tell you anything you wish to know and treat you with compassion and respect for your particular needs."

:: Angela R., London, United Kingdom

:: (In-person & Distance Healing)

"Sarah's warm, personable and holistic approach established a very positive and uplifting tone for the reiki experience. She very gently and sensitively explains the process.and effects both before and after the session, which was reassuring and made me feel quite relaxed and comfortable. Personally I became more aware of locations in the body where energy was more concentrated and with Sarah's suggestions I am learning how to create more balanced distribution of that energy while creating more space in the process. I highly recommend Sarah as it has been a very nurturing and enlightening experience for the mind/body/soul."

“Reiki sessions with Sarah were well organised, punctual and professional. She has a highly developed healing sensitivity and the Reiki certainly helped the chronic condition I was experiencing. Her feedback after each session was also most helpful.”

:: Bryan, van R., South Africa

:: (Distance Healing)

:: Candace W., London, United Kingdom 

:: (Distance Healing)


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