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Who is Reiki for?

Reiki is for anyone and everyone. Reiki healing takes place on a higher vibrational level, gently Spring cleaning energy blockages to help you reach your full potential. Reiki healing is beneficial for a wide range
of conditions and does no harm as there are no contra-indications to Reiki when used on its own*.


As a complementary therapy Reiki is not a substitute for conventional medical therapies as it works in harmony alongside all medically treated ailments and diseases. Anecdotally, regular Reiki treatments have resulted in recipients’ feeling less stressed, less pain, and working closely with their prescriber to reduce medication levels.


Since everything is comprised of energy, Reiki is just as effective for animals, plants, as well as other animate and inanimate objects.

*National Occupational Standard developed by Skills For Health, CNH12 Provide Reiki to clients, June 2010.

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