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What happens during Distance Healing?

Receiving a Distance Healing treatment is the same as receiving In-person Reiki, only we’re in different locations.


When preparing to receive a Distance Healing Reiki treatment it’s best to be in a space where you can relax comfortably with your eyes closed, undisturbed for 1-hour. This could be laying on your bed, laying or sitting on your sofa or favourite chair. If it’s a sunny day, lying outside in the sunshine could be a beautiful location too.


Cover yourself with a blanket or throw to keep you warm, rest your head on a pillow, and you may like to also position a pillow under your knees to take any pressure off your lower back. You may even like to listen to relaxing meditative music while receiving your treatment.


Honour your time by setting your phone to airplane mode or silent mode. It can be helpful to set an alarm for 50-mins just in case you feel so relaxed you nod-off.


It’s important to be settled before the agreed start time – the treatment will begin regardless of whether you are making a cup of tea or are out and about!

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