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Are energy imbalances & blockages holding you back?

Ever been in the company of someone who radiates warmth or lights up a room? Or found yourself at a gathering where an individual leaves you feeling deflated & drained of energy?

Energy is anywhere & everywhere. The energy we radiate & surround ourselves with invariably leads to like attracting like. Our energy levels affect how we perceive & react to people & situations we come across in our day-to-day & how others react to us.

Low energy can leave us feeling depressed, agitated, irritable, & as though everything is working against us. Whereas when our energy levels are high, negative situations have little impact – like water off a duck’s back – & we seem to attract an abundance of what we need to reach our goals.

Throughout our lives, our body’s cells have been absorbing & storing every positive & negative event we have experienced. This stored energy continues to impact our life. When stored negative energy is not released it can manifest as an energy blockage in our physical being, chakras, & our auras. Built up energy can lead to dis-ease experienced in the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual levels of our being.

How can we raise our energy vibration & let go of negativity which is holding us back?

At the time of our birth life force energy flowed through us freely. We grew & adapted to our surroundings & in the process were conditioned by the wishes of others. Trying to please or being told not to do something which felt innate gradually moved us away from our true Self, our essence for being &, in turn, our energy channels gradually became blocked.

Reiki is a holistic complimentary therapy which flows to where it’s needed, always working for our greatest & highest good, & helping us release negative energy which no longer serves our purpose. This allows us to welcome in more positive energy &, therefore, positivity into our lives.

Reiki seems to stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities on the physical level. On the psychological level, Reiki brings relaxation, balance, & guidance.

Reiki as Energy is in constant motion – nothing is permanent, everything changes. Reiki as a Healing System is sharing a flow of energy to facilitate a journey of healing & spiritual growth; becoming whole again on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual.

This healing system was discovered by Mikao Usui & has been practiced since 1922. In Japanese, “Rei” can be translated as Spirit, Divine, Source; & “Ki” stands for Universal Energy, Universal Life Force Energy. When “Rei” & “Ki” are combined, “Reiki” is translated as Spiritual Energy, Divine Energy, or Universal Energy.

Radio waves can be a good analogy when trying to comprehend Reiki. The transmitter (Universe) shares healing energy through a specific channel frequency (practitioner) at a pre-agreed time & it is accepted by the receiver (recipient).

The recipient’s higher self draws the flowing healing Reiki energy to where it’s most needed – at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Since energy is always changing each Reiki session responds to your need at the time.

Reiki practitioners can also request Reiki be aware of specific area(s) the recipient has highlighted for their session. Perhaps it’s relief from a physical problem, a change in emotional state, needing clarity, or spiritual guidance etc.

Reiki brings healing through change by raising our vibrational level, deepening our connection & oneness to the Universe. And everyone & everything is connected to the Universe.

I invite you to allow Reiki to help you heal from within. Open up the pathway to your inner wisdom to become the best version of yourself.

Book an In-person Reiki session with me to experience Reiki’s healing energy firsthand. I also offer Distance Reiki if you’re located outside of London, United Kingdom.

Additional links:

Find a local practitioner through these respected organisations, which support certified Reiki practitioners following the highest ethical standards.

Share other ways you raise your energy vibration in the comments below.

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