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Time for you

So I’ve decided to treat myself to a Reiki session. How wonderful! A friend recommended it after experiencing surprising results following a few sessions for her shoulder pain. Originally she, too, was a little skeptical about Reiki & its effectiveness. Then she reasoned Reiki is a holistic complementary therapy that wouldn’t interfere with her current medications & can do no harm. Her shoulder pain was getting quite bad so she booked a session as there was everything to gain.

I’m curious to see how Reiki can help me. Life can be stressful at the best of times and is more so at the moment. I haven’t been sleeping well lately & my back pain is starting up again.

My friend said Sarah, the practitioner, told her Reiki goes where it’s needed, often working in unexpected ways & not to have specific expectations about the outcome. She said I’ll be amazed at the difference before & after each session.

I’m beginning my first Reiki appointment. I’ve completed the pre-treatment consultation. Sharing my reasons for receiving Reiki, my diagnosed medical conditions, medications I’m taking, the treatments I currently receive, & I’ve mentioned my allergies.

Sarah has reassured me the combination hands-on & hands-off treatment during my session are both as effective as each other & at no time will any personal areas of my body be touched.

I’ve removed my shoes, coat & chunky bracelet & am laying fully clothed on the treatment table. The back of my head is resting comfortably on a pillow, my body is keeping warm under a blanket, & the bolster under my knees is really supporting my lower back. I’m ready to enjoy a relaxing treatment.

Soft, meditative music plays in the background. I set my intention to let go of all which no longer serves my purpose. Eyes gently closed, focusing on my breathing. Beginning to let the day go & relax more deeply with each breath. Sarah reminds me this is my time for me. I’m feeling my body begin to relax.

Initially I feel the warmth of the energy from Sarah’s hands. It’s very comforting. I notice a few involuntary twitches in my shoulder & leg. Also a light tingling in my hands. An overwhelming sense of calm washes over me. I feel warmth across the soles of both feet like they’re on a hot water bottle & it feels like my ankles are heavier than my legs. Yet I know Sarah is sharing Reiki over my torso. I awaken to a light pressure on my shoulder with Sarah gently making me aware the session has finished. I must’ve felt so relaxed I nodded off!

Sitting up, I feel lighter. Like something has shifted. My mind feels clearer. I drink a glass of water to begin flushing out any toxins which have been released & agree to drink more water throughout the day.

I share my experience of the session & learn my natural responses to the energy moving. The sensations are not what I usually feel during my day & show me Reiki energy has been flowing. Helping me let go of all which no longer serves my purpose. It’s true, Reiki really needs to experienced firsthand.

Sarah said sometimes pre-treatment physical ailments such as aches may feel stronger for a few hours before they are released. Apparently some people can also feel emotional, cry, laugh, feel irritable, or want to spend time alone following a Reiki session. All of these are natural responses to the healing energy clearing blockages.

I decide to wait to see how I react to the Reiki before choosing to make another appointment. Later in the day I experience a slight headache which disappears within the hour. Drinking more water helps this as does going for a walk in a nearby park to reconnect with nature.

Over the following days I notice I’m feeling less stressed & have increased energy. To my surprise my back pain has eased. So I decide to make another appointment with Sarah for a fortnight’s time.

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