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I'm looking forward to sharing Reiki with you!

Prior to your initial Reiki session, please read the Reiki Session Key Points before completing & returning the Client Information form & Session Consent form to

:: Reiki Session Key Points .pdf format (144KB), .docx format (2.5MB)

:: Client Information form .pdf format (1.3MB), .docx format (1.3MB)

:: Session Consent form (16+ years of age) .pdf format (144KB), .docx format (2.5MB)

:: Session Consent form (Parent/Guardian) .pdf format (143KB), .docx format (2.5MB)




In line with current UK Government, Complementary & Natural Healthcare Coucnil (CNHC), & UK Reiki Federation guidance all In-person Reiki sessions require me to call you prior to your session to go through the Health Check, Covid-19 Risk Categories, & what to expect on the day of your Reiki session. If for any reason an In-person Reiki session is not possible we can decide together to share an equally effective Distance Reiki session OR reschedule an In-person session for another time.

"We are individual, beautiful, powerful, magical, creative beings. We just have to find our power again."


Mr Sam Althaus, Authentically You, Green Renaissance


Further reading

I encourage you to read the following information about Reiki at your leisure:


:: Reiki's origin blog post (2-minute read)

:: Reiki supports your whole being blog post (2-minute read)

:: Your wellbeing is my priority blog post (2-minute read)

:: Energy flows where intention goes blog post (3-minute read)

:: Reiki can help you brochure (pdf 2.7MB)

Additional resources

:: Meditation Practice .pdf format (1.3MB), .docx format (1.3MB)


Sarah is a fully-qualified Reiki practitioner & UK Reiki Federation member, who shares Reiki in accordance with the National Occupational Standard developed by Skills For Health, CNH12 Provide Reiki to Clients (June 2010). Sarah does not prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) Registered.

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