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Reiki is transforming. As a natural holistic healing energy, Reiki is for anyone and everyone. It is considered to stimulate the body’s regenerative self healing ability, always acting on behalf of our greatest and highest self; flowing within our energy field to where it’s most needed; restoring balance in mind, body, and spirit.


A non-invasive healing system, Reiki has no known contra-indications when used on its own so can do no harm. It’s beneficial for a wide range of conditions working in harmony alongside all medically treated ailments and diseases.


You don’t even need to believe in Reiki for it to work, only be open to receiving its healing energy.


Releasing all that no longer serves your purpose creates space for new ideas as well as new ways of seeing and doing things, bringing positivity into your life. I invite you to be open to receiving Reiki in a welcoming and supportive setting and begin Spring clearing your energy blockages on your journey of self-discovery.

Reiki energy offers healing

through change.

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