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:: Receive Reiki in a welcoming & supportive setting ::

Spend a few moments & notice how you feel. Are you holding tension in an area of your body... feeling anxious or stressed… drained of energy… is your mind racing… are you breathing deeply or lightly… experiencing any level of pain… or fear? Are you feeling hot or cold… tired, flat, sad, down… like there are not enough hours in the day? Are you always hurrying to get things done… approaching burnout… received a diagnosis which has resulted from years of stress or anxiety? How are these responses impacting your relationship with others in your circle, your sense of Self, how you experience your day-to-day & life in general?


These are some of the indicators you are feeling out of balance; when we respond to life’s challenges with increased anxiety, higher stress levels, & depression. Living life behind a mask projecting outward perfection while underneath frantically treading water trying to stay afloat. Not being true to ourselves, burying our emotions, & ignoring the indicators our body is sharing with us in an effort to make us stop & take stock can manifest over time as dis-ease, & acute & chronic pain.


I work with people who are striving to find balance within themselves. Many have been experiencing symptoms of acute & chronic pain, feeling emotionally drained, are stressed, or have been diagnosed with life-limiting conditions. They seek Reiki’s help as a complementary therapy in supporting them find deep relaxation, calming their mind, releasing long-held emotions & thought patterns – to feel whole again & more in tune with the flow of life.


Most of my clients notice a small change in themselves after a single Reiki session & experience the benefits of recognisable change building from session to session, which is why I offer a six-session Reiki Wellness Package within a 12-week timeline. I’m keen for you to experience the most benefit Reiki can offer. By the end of the sixth session my clients frequently find it remarkable the difference they feel.


If you are seeking improved health & wellbeing I invite you to consider trying Reiki. When you feel better, you’ll function better. You’ll become more resilient, happier, healthier, & experience greater life satisfaction.


:: Reiki Wellness Package ::

In-person, Distance, or a combination


6 x 45-minute Reiki sessions received within a 12-week timeframe.


Pay as you go option available.


For In-person sessions please set aside 90-minutes to allow for a
pre- & post-session consultation & 45-minutes of Reiki.





Sarah is a fully-qualified Reiki practitioner, UK Reiki Federation member, & Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) Registered. Sarah shares Reiki in accordance with the National Occupational Standard developed by Skills For Health, CNH12 Provide Reiki to Clients (June 2010). Sarah does not prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

92. CNHC Quality_Mark_web version.jpg

Yes, Reiki can be shared equally effectively if you’re in the next room, building, county, country, or on the other side of the world! Receive the full benefits of Reiki healing energy at a distance in the comfort of your own surroundings. This is a gift to yourself. Be in a space where you can relax comfortably with your eyes closed, undisturbed for 1-hour. Honour your time. Disconnect the doorbell. Set your phone to silent/airplane mode. Play relaxing, meditative background music. Perhaps light a candle. Rest your head on a pillow. A cushion under your knees can take any pressure off your lower back. Keep warm under a blanket. You may even choose to set an alarm for 50-mins in case you feel so relaxed you nod-off. Be settled before the agreed start time – the treatment will begin regardless of whether you are making a cup of tea or are out and about! Breathe fully & deeply. Accept Reiki’s healing energy as it flows to where it’s most needed. Your Reiki session is followed with a post-treatment consultation at a pre-agreed time.

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