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Energy flows where intention goes

While the Northern hemisphere is awake, those living in the Southern hemisphere are asleep – yet we all inhabit the same energy field on Earth & in the Universe. Energy is anywhere & everywhere.

We have all experienced instances where we’ve sensed someone is sad or someone is not feeling their best. Similarly, we have felt the effects of being in the company of someone with higher energy vibration. We’ve felt lifted simply by being in their presence. We’re picking this up because our energy fields are coming into contact. We’re sensing & responding to their energy.

Energy is always moving & changing. We can affect energy flow through intention. Everything set in motion in the Universe starts with intention – consciously or subconsciously. When we consciously set an intention we focus energy on what we would like to manifest & bring into being.

Reiki energy flowing in combination with focused intention makes Distance Reiki sessions so effective. This is why receiving Distance Reiki is the same as receiving In-person Reiki, only we’re in different locations. Reiki with intention can be shared in the past, in the present, or in the future.

Radio waves can be a good analogy when trying to comprehend Distance Reiki. The transmitter (Universe) shares healing energy through a specific channel (practitioner) at a pre-agreed time & it is accepted by the receiver (recipient).

Connected through intention at a specific time & duration the receiver’s higher self draws the flowing healing Reiki energy to where it’s most needed – at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

Through focussed intention, Reiki practitioners can also request Reiki be aware of specific area(s) the recipient has highlighted for their session. Perhaps it’s relief from a physical problem, a change in emotional state, needing clarity, or spiritual guidance etc.

When receiving Distance Reiki, it’s important to be settled before the pre-agreed start time. The session will begin at this time regardless of whether you are making a cup of tea or are out & about!

In order to receive maximum benefit from a Distance Reiki session it’s best to be as relaxed as possible. And is why you’ll be encouraged to find a quiet, comfortable space where you can be undisturbed for the entire session.

Receiving Reiki in a state of restful awareness increases its effectiveness & also allows you to feel different sensations Reiki is bringing to your attention as it’s healing energy flows to where its needed.

Sensations experienced during a Reiki session are as individual as you. They can include warmth, buzzing, tingling, or seeing colours etc. Reiki has also been known to share images, mini movies, words, or even a visit from a Spirit Animal; whatever you need to be aware of at that particular time.

Reiki always works in surprising ways. Have confidence your intention & Reiki are combining with the forces of the Universe for your greatest & highest good. You only need to relax, receive, & heal.

I invite you to book a Distance Reiki session & feel the benefits healing energy brings first-hand.

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Share your experience of how setting intentions have manifested positive change in your life. Which intentions have worked well for you? How do you create a relaxing environment when receiving Distance Reiki in your own space? Recommend them in the comments below.

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