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Self-care: An act of kindness

Updated: May 12, 2021

How often do you put others’ needs ahead of your own? Or put something which would really lift your spirit on the back-burner because something of less importance came up? Do you know someone who is spreading themselves so thin they are almost running on empty?

For many of us, taking time out for ourselves may seem self-indulgent. Guilt can also play a role in putting ourselves last. Feeling selfish by not being there for others is also a common excuse for passing ourselves over. Yet, we are doing everyone a disservice by actively choosing to place everybody else’s needs ahead of our own. And there will come a time when our energy tanks are so depleted we will be no good to anyone – especially ourselves.

Perhaps you’re more emotional than normal or quick to snap. With so much happening, your mind feels more scattered due to the stress you’re under & tasks are unintentionally slipping off your mental checklist. Physically you may be lacking a solid night’s sleep & feeling drained of energy. A few aches & pains could be creeping in. You may even have reached a point where you’re in limbo; unable to recognise yourself or where you’re heading.

If we don’t listen to these signs, little-by-little they will grow louder & louder until one day we find ourselves in a medical environment receiving a diagnosis which could’ve been preventable if only we’d heeded our body’s warnings.

Self-care should be at the top of our to-do list. Quality time for ourselves; raising our energy levels; smiling fully; feeling pure joy. It may be treating yourself to a simple pleasure such as taking part in a creative activity, connecting with your heart centre through regular meditation, incorporating a form of exercise into your day, or getting in touch with nature.

Indulging in a Reiki session will bring you relaxation, balance & guidance on the psychological level. Reiki healing energy also seems to stimulate & accelerate the body’s self-healing abilities supporting you on the physical level.

In a nutshell, Reiki is for anyone & everyone. Reiki brings healing through change by raising our vibrational level, deepening our connection & oneness to the Universe. And everyone & everything is connected to the Universe.

The ways Reiki is experienced during a session is as individual as you. Sensations can consist of feeling the healing energy as buzzing, tingling, or warmth. Seeing different colours, even bringing a past event to mind. Images & words may also appear in your conscious. As energy is always moving & changing each experience of Reiki is different.

Reiki always works in surprising ways for your greatest & highest good. Bringing your awareness to whatever you need to know. It’s healing energy flowing to where it’s needed. Clients frequently feel less stressed, less pain, & more relaxed following a session.

The NHS welcomes Reiki as a holistic complementary therapy working alongside all medically treated ailments & diseases. Reiki has no known contraindications & does no harm when used on its own. There have been occasions following regular Reiki sessions where clients have worked with their medical professional to reduce medication levels in response to experiencing a reduction in their symptoms.

Reiki sessions can also be beneficial if you or someone you know is receiving treatment for the following diseases & ailments:

:: Anemia :: Angina Pectoris :: Arthritis :: Asthma

:: Backache :: Broken bones :: Bronchitis

:: Cancer :: Cardiovascular disorders :: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Contusions/bruises :: Coughing :: Cystitis

:: Depression :: Diabetes :: Digestion disorders :: Dislocated joints :: Dizziness/Fainting

:: Equilibrium disorders :: Epilepsy

:: Flu

:: Gallstones :: Gastralgia :: Gastric Ulcers :: Grief :: Gout

:: Headache :: Heatstroke :: High Blood Pressure

:: Inflammation of the Lymph Nodes :: Improves Self-Esteem :: Insomnia :: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

:: Kidney inflammation :: Kidney stones

:: Men’s Health :: Migraine :: Muscular

:: Rheumatism :: Myocarditis

:: Neuralgia

:: Obesity

:: Pain Management :: Pneumonia :: Pre- & Post-operation :: PTSD

:: Rheumatoid Arthritis

:: Scoliosis :: Sleep disorders :: Sprains :: Stress

:: Tinnitus :: Thyroid conditions

:: Women’s Health :: Wounds :: Writer’s cramp

…and more. Please contact me to discuss your situation.

Give yourself permission to place YOU front & centre. Nourishing yourself has flow-on effects into all aspects of your being. Helping you be more present for those you love & the support network within your community.

I invite you to book an In-person Reiki session with me to experience Reiki’s healing energy firsthand. I also offer Distance Reiki if you’re located outside of London, United Kingdom. Gift vouchers are also available.

Important: Reiki offers complementary healing to any medical or psychological ailment you may be experiencing & does not take the place of medical care. As a Reiki practitioner, I do not prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

Additional links:

Find a local practitioner through these respected organisations, which support certified Reiki practitioners following the highest ethical standards.

Reveal your experience of how receiving Reiki has helped you in the comments below.

Share this information with someone you know is in need of a little Self-care.

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